The Helping Couple

This post is for two of my favourite people in the world. They inspire me each and every time I meet them. Their house always gives positive vibes with a soothing chirping music in the background.

Background first : Mrs. and Mr. Bagga.

They have been married for past 56 years. They are so much in love even now, but the best thing about them is that they love everyone. I have known them for the past 7 years and never, even once I’ve heard them about disliking someone. They have this water container in front of their house, which they clean and refill every day. At this age when it is difficult for them to take care of themselves, they never forget about nature’s other creations. I’ve seen Mrs. Bagga struggling with her steps sometimes while the refilling process but as she says “nothing can stop her”

Their philosophy is simple, love everyone. This is what makes them special.
They are the perfect meaning of a human being and I think I am very fortunate that I got a chance to meet them.




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