One Year Blog Anniversary

Hello, everyone!!

Today is a very special day for Specscladeyes. Twelve months ago, I joined this wonderful platform to share my thoughts with everyone. That feeling when I pressed the publish button for the first time is beyond words. I still remember the rush of emotions when I got that first follower, it was an amazing feeling to know that somebody found my writeups relatable.

Today, when I got the congratulatory notification from WordPress, it brought back all the lovely memories of the twelve months that I have spent on this beautiful platform. Writing is a part of me and now is an integral part of my life.

One year_specscladeyes

It is one of the most beautiful journeys, I have stepped on in my life and I am so grateful that it has helped me in turning who I am today.

Also, the journey is incomplete without the support, the community has shown me. It is unbelievable how loving and supportive everyone is. You can have a look at my beautiful WordPress family, here.

I can never thank you guys enough for supporting me in my WordPress journey so far and I am positive that you all will keep supporting me in future as well. Afterall, that is what family is for.

I will try to connect more with the amazing bloggers in the coming year. I am also thinking about setting up a blogging goal for the next year to make the most out of these 12 months.

My words cannot explain how your love has helped this blog to grow more than I could have ever imagined. Whenever I complained about something, whenever I just wanted to talk, whenever I made some big decisions in my life, whenever I was sad about something, you guys were always there for me.

So, once again Thank you for all your support!

I love you all so much.




By Specscladeyes

Specscladeyes is a blogger and photographer. She firmly believes in equality and love for all. She likes to talk, a lot!

12 replies on “One Year Blog Anniversary”

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary. It seems time has flown by. Time flies when you are having fun and even when you are not.
The chaotic world can be calmed one person at a time but some are not willing. We can, however, do much to make our own space tolerable. Sometimes environment and even tradition rushes in to turn out serenity into chaos. The way we handle that can often determine whether or not our calm is disturbed. We all have to face facts though. As my mom always told me, ” no man(or woman) is an island. What we do and what others do affects us on a daily basis. So here’s to hoping and praying for peace and calm all around. More than a year of friendship with you is also noted. A very valuable friendship that I treasure. Wishing you another year of the best life has to offer. Another year free of chaos. Lots of love to you from me❤

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