Wrapping Everyday Inspiration Challenge

Hello, hello, hello!!

I just completed my 20 days Everyday Inspiration Challenge and I am ecstatic with the development I have made so far.

I have gotten a lot more traffic, found so many wonderful bloggers and most importantly I was able to overcome the mighty demon who is commonly known as “word block”

I also did a very wonderful thing of posting every day, I am hopeful to continue the same even after the challenge is over. And can I just say, I underestimated how interesting WordPress Blogging University’s e-courses could be!

I’m definitely going to try some other courses, soon.

Ending the post with a little piece that I think you guys will like.

Alluringly captivating eyes,
Seeing my soul through all the layers of lies.
Asking is it really what you want?
I lie, blink an eye
And all I hear is a gotcha!
Does it really matter?
If not then why did I stutter?
What are you hiding and who are you hiding from?
Is it you or your people back home?
Roll of eyes and a careless shrug!
But all you are waiting for is a meaningful, supportive hug.
Don’t worry, don’t fret about how things could be.
Have faith, strike a smile, you’ve got a friend in me!

Everyday Inspiration: Day 20
“Wrap it up”
Issa wrap guys!

Favourite Blog Posts Of October

Some of the best pieces I have read this month:

I highly recommend you guys to give them a read!


Everyday Inspiration: Day 19
“Feature a guest”


The Plant That You Gave Me

Still watering the plant that you gave me!

But, not anymore. I have to get rid of everything that reminds me of you.

As I lift the Azalea Bonsai from the window sill, tons of memories hit me at once. I remember how excited I was when you asked me to close my eyes for a surprise on our second anniversary, I was almost jumping like an excited bunny with my hands covering my eyes. The memory of your melodious laughter is still very crisp in my mind. I remember the goosebumps that followed my smile when you explained what the plant means to our us, our relationship.

But since you are gone, the plant has lost its meaning, too!

I gave the plant to Mrs. Singh, next door.

Her face lit up with pure joy and then changed to something similar to reminiscing. She remembered how her mother gave a similar Azalea Bonsai to her on her wedding. She almost relived the moment when her mother asked her to be true to herself, no matter what. Her eyes became glossy remembering how that plant became a member of her new family and her companion who shared the same thoughts of adjusting to new surroundings and a new family where everyone welcomed them with their arms open. She also had a fond memory of her late husband watering the little plant regularly even if he was running late to work.

Mrs. Singh could not believe how a little plant can bring back so many beautiful memories.

She placed the plant on her table when her niece Ria entered the home, she is moving to university soon.

The gorgeous plant was the show stealer.

Ria could not keep her eyes off the plant.

“Aunt, may I please take this cute plant to Uni with me?” That little request decided the path of Azalea Bonsai and what happens next is yet to be known.

As of now, it is 5000 km away from its original place, the only thing which is same, is the happiness it is causing to the owner.


Thank you for reading.

Everyday Inspiration: Day 18
“Compose a Series of Anecdotes”

From Game To The Bucket List

When I was a kid, I had an educational fun game, in which two discs were pinned, overlapping each other. The First disc had a lot of cutouts and the second one had a lot of tiny words on it.  It was an informative disc sort of game which gave information about different countries of the world, so you have to spin the upper disc and the cutouts or the slits will show you the information about that country.

The disc will provide all kinds of information like the country’s capital, area, population, rivers, main crops, minerals found, major languages etc. I remember how I would spin the disc, read about a country and then locate it on the globe I had.

I used to carry the globe to my different uncles, cousins, grandparents and almost any elder member of the family *I lived in a joint family then*  and tell them everything I had learned. I would point to a country on the globe and tell them everything about it.

Then I gave my little game a twist and started using the globe as my starting point. I would give the globe a little spin, close my eyes and place my finger on it. I used to think of myself as some important voyager who travels across the world and then tells the stories of her explorations to her family.

And by the end of the game, I would write a few countries in my notebook. I used to call it my list of favourite countries, that later graduated to my bucket list. I often asked my cousins to play the game and then gave them a long lecture if they chose without thinking.

If I see a globe now, I still cannot resist the urge to give it a little spin.


I still don’t understand how everyone in my family had the patience to listen to my ramblings about different countries, every day. But I do remember the way I explained them everything as if I actually travelled to that country. Cheers to the simpler times!

Everyday Inspiration: Day 17
“A Map As Your Muse”


Why Not Giving Up Should Be Life’s Mantra

Have you ever wanted to go back and undo what happened?
But then there is a little voice in your head which asks you not to do it,
Reminding you of all the other times you had similar thoughts but you opted not to,
Reminding you of all the lessons you have learnt along the way.
The lessons which pushed you to this moment,
The lessons which made you confident enough to take all those steps.
No matter what, just always listen to that tiny voice!
And keep moving forward.

I have been here for longer than usual. I have seen all of it. How life goes on, how it throws a curve at the exact moment everything seems straight and simple. How it pushes you to extreme but pulls you up just before you begin to fall. How it surprises you everyday. How it never repeats it’s routine. How it looks into your eye and dares you to blink first, but you don’t! How it is the biggest mystery but not completely clueless. How it makes you cherish small things. How it makes you into who you are. How it never stops. How it never stands between you and your journey. How it makes you believe in yourself.

You stay there, just a little bit longer,
No, don’t give up, just hang in there.
It is going to happen, soon!
You can see it, feel it in your heart,
Yes, it is coming to you, just be patient.
It is what you have always dreamt of.
It is exactly what you wanted it to be,

Everyday Inspiration: Day 16

“Mine your own material”

The Way She Deserves To Be Loved

Don’t try to control her,
You will simply fail.

Don’t try to tame her,
She will lose her magic.

It’s simply all or nothing!
Appreciate her rough edges,
Just be there to experience the magic with her.

She doesn’t need another person to look after her,
All she is searching for is a friend, a partner.
Someone who is there for her,
Someone who doesn’t always try to keep protecting her.

Someone who pushes her limits,
Someone who moves forward with her.
No matter how fast-paced things can get!
No matter how slowly the things could be creeping!

Someone who doesn’t find problems in her flaws,
Someone who loves her the way she is.
Someone who loves her the way she has imagined love to be.
Someone who loves her the way she deserves to be.

A kind of love where you lose into each other but never get lost.


Everyday Inspiration: Day 15
“Take a Cue from Your Reader”

A Day In The Life Of A Long Distance Couple

We have been talking every day on all available social media platforms. You call me at random hours to say nothing and a lot, at the same time. In the skype sessions, I can see the excitement in your eyes when we discuss the things we are going to do when you will come to see me. I also read the struggle of being away for too long in your silent grunts and occasional v between your eyebrows. I know these reactions are because of all the sighs I make when we are having our little “just sitting there and staring at my laptop screen” sessions.

But, my most favourite part of our conversation is the plans that we make for the day we will meet, in person. We have been planning it down to every second, taking care of all the possible, minute details. I love how my heart melts, even more, thinking about you and me without the 3000 Kms distance between us.

I get excited thinking about how I will hug you till eternity, before showering you with kisses, the moment you step out of the airport. I get butterflies thinking how it would feel to hold your hand again after so long.

I love playing out our planned date in my head.
How we will go to that cozy cafe and eat those delicious muffins while you sip your cappuccino.
How we will roam into the city, holding hands, like tourists.
How we will go to the fancy restaurant for our lunch and stuff our faces without me caring about my diet.
How we will go ice-skating and laugh at each other because neither of us knows how to.
How you will read my favourite book to me while I rest my head on your chest and get distracted by your heartbeat. How I will ask you to repeat the line because I got distracted and you will just shake your head before your deep voice begins to read again.
How we will go dancing even though I have two left feet!
How you will be with me to hold me when we go to sleep.
How we will cook together, burn the kitchen and then order in.
How we will have fun and be happy without the laptop screen between us.

You clear your throat to bring me back from the world of daydreams and give me a sad smile. Promising me that it’s just a few more days. Then I blow kisses to you, telling you I love you and I can’t wait for you to be here.

We talk some more, plan some more and then we are forced to go back to the real world. I feel sad during goodnights, but I get giddy everytime I cross a date out, on my countdown calendar.

And then I dream some more about you, about us!

Have I missed any important detail? Let me know if I have! Long distance relationships are very difficult sometimes, craving for the physical presence and getting jealous of every couple in the town and then feeling bad is a common routine. But don’t forget that you have a very amazing person who loves you so much!

Everyday Inspiration: Day 14
“Recreate a single day”

Shades Of Her

She could look delicate,
Yet make you feel the strongest emotions.
She could look fragile,
Yet be your strongest pillar.
She could look sophisticated,
Yet her eyes will be glittering with mischief.
She could look stoic,
Yet show million of emotions at once.
She could be clumsy,
Yet make pieces fall into perfect places.
She could drool over those celebrity crushes,
Yet give all her heart to you.

Thank you for reading!

Everyday Inspiration: Day 13

“Play with word count”

A Fireworks Free Diwali

Before I begin!

Happy Diwali everyone! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

Let’s discuss how the festival has changed over a period of time. The festival is commonly called the festival of lights and the word Diwali breaks into a string of lights or earthen lamps.

When I was a kid, we used to burn a lot of firecrackers and as any other kid, it was the only thing I used to look forward to. I lacked the awareness about environment and pollution because fifteen years ago, it was not that widely campaigned.

However, as I grew up and I became more aware I reduced my usage but never stopped because it’s impossible to give up a habit which you have been following since childhood. We learn as we grow older and since 2011, my family is celebrating a complete firecracker free Diwali. Now, I get to do more fun things like making rangoli, eating a lot of sweets and meeting a lot of people. Festivals are all about the love and joy you share, not the pollution caused by fireworks.

Here is the rangoli that I made this year

Mandatory Diwali Post! Hello insta fam🌸 hope you guys had a wonderful Diwali! Because I sure did. The Rangoli making was one of the most fun part of the day. I spent almost 4 hours to make this beautiful Rangoli but it was worth it. With music in the background and occasional dance breaks, it was so much fun! Also, thank you for so many Diwali greetings 🌸 it's always the more the merrier! Thank you for sending so many positive vibes from your end. Congratulations to everyone who embraced the fireworks free Diwali! We protected the atmosphere from being more polluted. And can I just say that Diwali sweets are the best!! I ate too much, chatted with a lot of people and lit earthen lamps! I am very happy and blessed to have so many wonderful people around me, including you guys! #photooftheday #diwali #happy #gratitude #instagram #instafam #rangoli #weekend #weekendvibes #friday #love #thankyou #specscladeyes #like #inktober #art #colour #vsco #vscoindia #followfriday #morning #fairylights #blessed #design

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And this year, the supreme court imposed a temporary ban on the sale of fireworks till Diwali, hoping it would control the pollution. And a lot of people started protesting and asking the supreme court to stop attacking their festival, they even accused the supreme court of interfering in the age-old customs and rituals.

But the festival was never about firecrackers anyway!

Despite the efforts, the toxicity level of Delhi this morning is very high. Because some people had last year leftovers, some bought the firecrackers in advance and some were happy to pay a hefty amount to get their hands on the firecrackers!

I saw multiple Instagram and Snapchat stories of people proudly flaunting their “treasured stash”. Okay, what are you so proud of?
Are you proud that you contributed to the pollution?
Are you proud that you are the reason why people are having trouble breathing?
Are you proud that you prefer momentary fun over health?
Seriously, what are you so proud of?

No matter what campaigns are launched or what all steps the government takes, it’s completely up to you and your mental capacity to think about the precious earth we are living on.

Here is the aftermath of our reckless celebration.

I am hopeful of us being more aware by the coming year.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Diwali, once again!

Everyday Inspiration: Day 12
“Critic a piece of work”

If We Were Having Coffee Right Now

If we were having coffee right now,
I would tell you how I scroll through my Instagram feed,
Looking at the glorious transformation stories.
Feeling elated for those who completed their goals.
Trying to gain some inspiration from their success stories.
Trying their formula thinking if it worked for them, it will work for me, too.

If we were having coffee right now,
I would tell you that there are plenty of other thoughts crawling up my thinking space.
Thoughts like being envious of their journey.
A journey which they completed,
A journey I might never complete.
Thoughts like feeling a lot of pressure due to their success stories.

If we were having coffee right now,
I would tell you how the stories which were supposed to motivate me.
The stories which make me want to rush without exhausting myself.
The stories which eventually suffocate me.
Thoughts like comparing myself with others even though I know it’s not healthy.

If we were having coffee right now,
I would tell you how I stop the scrolling for a day ( a few minutes to be honest)
and then I fall into the same pattern, again.
It’s a vicious cycle.


Disclaimer first!
No hate to anyone who posts their body transformation stories, I am just expressing my state of mind. It’s weird but as a human, it is normal to interpret the wrong meanings. I feel pressure but there are plenty who get inspired. So it’s just me, I am not posting this to offend anyone! What you have achieved is very beautiful and I am very excited for you.

Everyday Inspiration: Day 11
“A cup of coffee”