Letter To My Body

Hello, it’s me.

I am sorry for not writing soon.

There are a plenty of things that I want to say to you, I want to confess my true feelings, I want to apologize for all the stupid things that ever said to you and most specifically, I want to tell you how much I love you.

First things first, I want to apologize because I took you for granted.


I am really sorry for all the wrong food I fed you just because I thought it tasted better. I am sorry for not taking care of you when you should have been my first priority. I am sorry for sleeping with my makeup on because I was too lazy to get up.

I am very sorry for buying that dress one size too small, I suffocated you to satisfy my crazy illusion of looking good. It was very stupid of me to follow those dumb crash diets just because it worked for somebody on the internet. I apologize for depriving you of your favourite chocolate!

I want to apologize for all the mean things that I said to you. I am sorry that I let the mirror mock you. I am sorry for holding my breath and sucking my stomach in to look good in pictures. I disappointed you when I used that bag, that pillow, that jacket and those oversized clothes to hide my so-called “flaws” I am sorry for the days when I looked into the mirror and criticized you for not being the perfect body.

All I did to you was nasty comments and bad behaviour, yet you never gave up on me. You never stopped helping me in defining who I am. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always sticking up with me.

You are not fat, you are not short, you are not bad, you are just perfect!

Those imperfections are not your flaws, they are your jewels! They help you in defining who you are. They help me in being ME!

Now when I look into the mirror, all I see are the things that I love!
I love those crooked teeth!
I love those stretch marks!
I love those freckles!
The curly hair which I never liked, I love it now!

I do not care what the weighing scale says but that does not mean I’ll stop you from being healthy.

Earlier, I wanted to lose weight and look different because I did not like you. But now, I want to eat healthy,  get fit because I love you and we help the ones we love in getting better and better, everyday.

So, dear body, this Valentine’s Day I vow to love you even better than the best way I possibly could. I promise to treat you the way you deserve it!





Why Loving Yourself Should Be Your Top Priority

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Do you often find yourself in conflicting situations?
Do you think you are unhappy?
Do you let people walk over you?
Do you not listen to your inner voice?

If the answer of any of these question is NO! You need to stop whatever you are doing and read this.

The reason for the answer as NO is that you do not love yourself enough. You take yourself for granted and let things happen to you. In the course of this fast-paced life, you stop caring about the most important person: YOU

Everybody has different priorities in life ranging from career to family and, money and fame to relationships, but the category of loving yourself does not even make it to the list of priorities.

So, here I am asking all of you to make loving yourself the top priority of your life. As nothing is acceptable without a proper explanation, I have a set of valid reasons to make you believe, whatever I am saying has a very important point.

Self Acceptance:

The first step towards loving yourself is accepting who you are. If you make peace with your expectations and reality, half the work is already done. Self acceptance is a proven way to boost your confidence.

Happy Life:

If you start loving yourself, your days will be less stressful and miles away from anxiety. Happy person is the most beautiful person. And if you are happy and positive, you attract similar energy into your life, making it more positive. Who doesn’t like a happy-positive life?

Improved Mental Health:

If you love yourself like your ideal relationship partner, your mental health will bloom. A little pampering can help you feel positive even on the dullest days.

No Heartbreaks:

You know, the only person you can fully rely on, who will never disappoint you is You. If you love this person, you will never be heartbroken again.

The key to achieving everything you desired in life and enjoying it is, loving yourself unconditionally.

Now repeat after me: