Every Elder Sister In The World

She, who fought with the older boys when they were bothering you,
and she could not bear tears in your eyes.

She, who held your hand when you first walked into the school,
and promised that everything is going to be perfect.

She, who listens to you talking about bikes and dogs,
even though she is not interested.

She, who shares her music collection with you,
so you can act cool in front of your friends.

She, who helps you with the assignments,
because she can’t resist your puppy face.

She, who reads a lot of motivational pieces when you are feeling low,
only to help you get out of your sad mood.

She, who sits with you to watch your kind of TV series,
even though it’s not her taste.

She, who clicks tons of pictures of you,
for your perfect Instagram.

She, who sings a lot of stupid songs, loud
just to annoy you.

She, who covers up for you,
and help you get past those curfews.

She, who loves you the most,
treats you like a baby,
because she still remembers
how your tiny fingers curled around her finger
and she promised to give you the world.

She, who is your elder sister,
and always wants the best for you.


Thank you for reading.

Photo by Jenn Evelyn-Ann


Shades Of Her

She could look delicate,
Yet make you feel the strongest emotions.
She could look fragile,
Yet be your strongest pillar.
She could look sophisticated,
Yet her eyes will be glittering with mischief.
She could look stoic,
Yet show million of emotions at once.
She could be clumsy,
Yet make pieces fall into perfect places.
She could drool over those celebrity crushes,
Yet give all her heart to you.

Thank you for reading!

Everyday Inspiration: Day 13

“Play with word count”

She Never Dared To Speak Out

She stepped into this world where no one welcomed,
She thought they might take some tome to open up, to make her feel loved,
She begged for the love and all she got was a mean shove!
She never dared to speak out because she was grateful that they were kind enough to let her come into this world.

She was five when that uncle started coming over,
She lost the count of times when he hurt her over and over,
She begged, she cried,
All her mercy pleas were brutally denied.
Mommy asked her to forget about it and carry on with life,
As these small incidents are part and parcel of life.
She never dared to speak out again because families and relations should not be broken.

She was sixteen when that mean boy spiked her drink,
She thought he loved her because of all the words he used to speak.
She was broken and in pain,
But once again all her efforts of speaking out went in vain.
It was the question of family honour,
It was her fault that she went out with him at that late hour.


She was twenty when they grabbed her in the alley,
A gut-wrenching shrill came through her belly.
She was alone and they were five in number,
They took turns, did the unimaginable and all she hoped was it to be a nightmare of her deep slumber.
No, she was not allowed to speak out and bring shame to the family.
It was her fault that she wore such clothes which provoked those men, madly.

She was twenty-eight when her husband slapped her for the first time,
In the poor guy’s defence, it was her fault that she did not cook the food right.
He forced himself onto her,
He was the husband and it was his right.
She never dared to speak out and demand justice.
It was a wife’s duty to let her husband do anything he pleases.
Divorces are a failure and a symbol of how your parents did not teach you to behave and obey your husband’s instructions.

She was thirty-two when she gave birth to a healthy baby girl,
Hell broke loose because she failed to give them a son, an heir.
Sometimes that little girl was killed,
Sometimes she was thrown into this vicious circle where she thought it was better to be killed.

No, it did not stop here, it continued till she died!

Women safety is a huge issue which nobody pays attention to.

Sometimes her clothes are the reason,
Sometimes her working late in office,
Sometimes she simply used a mobile phone,
Sometimes she ate Chinese food,
Sometimes boys just had some fun,
Sometimes because boys are boys,
Sometimes it was the influence of western culture!
These are the statements given by the oh-so-amazing politicians.

She begged, she cried but the justice was most of the times,denied!

She – Volume 11 : Designed By Me, For Me

Every time I break a little,
I grow up some more

Every time I fall,
I smile and get up.

Every time they laugh at me,
I laugh and move on.

Every time they try to crush my spirit,
I emerge out undefeated.

Every time they question my existence,
I give them a thousand reasons, not to.

Every time they make an opinion,
I don’t correct them.

Every time they judge me,
I gift-wrap their judgement and send it back to them.

Every time they point out my flaws,
I thank them for appreciating my beauty.

Every time they break my trust,
I learn to depend on myself.

Every time they stereotype,
I laugh at them.

Every time they try to pull me back,
I walk forward with a greater force.

Every time they make rules for me,
I just look at the rulebook and throw it in the fireplace.

Every time they try to kill me,
I become more alive.

Every time I break a little,
I realise my strength.

Every time I break a little,
I love myself some more,

Every time a break a little,
I emerge out new.

This is me designed by me, for me.

Designed for You

She – Volume 10 : Her Portrait

The Portrait Of A Strong Human

Let me introduce you to a strong and brave human of this planet.

She has determined eyes, confident smile, proud nose and witty ears.
She is the girl living next door, the woman you met in the metro, girl who is standing up for her own, woman who is fighting her battles and anyone you might ever come across in life.

She walks with her head high, accepts her mistakes and makes her own path. She learns from her mistakes, embraces her flaws and loves her body.

She takes care of her well-being, she believes in her inner Beyoncé and she lives like a queen.

She never shies away from stepping out of her comfort zone. She goes with the flow but stands firm against it when it is required.

She never allows anyone to take her for granted, she helps everyone and never expects anything in return. She only seeks comfort in the sanctuary within her and stays optimistic.

She is a happy, positive soul which believes in empowering everyone. She praises everyone and magnifies their strengths.

She lives life on her own terms and conditions. The only motto of her life is to make herself the happiest in doing whatever she is doing.

She is everything you want to be, she is the bravest soul.

She is everyone on this earth. All of us have these beautiful traits and characteristics.

She symbolizes the strength which all of us have.

This is everybody’s portrait!


She – Volume 9 : Worshipped, Yet Abandoned

Warning : If you get easily offended by reading the truth and if you do not believe in political, social and economic equality of both the sexes, please do not read this post. 
I repeat, please do not.

Our society and its norms crack me up, it’s saddening how the facts and rules are adjusted to fit well with the “dominating and macho” section. After all, they are the ones, who make the rules so it’s obligatory for the rules to add up to their comfort.

You can be daring, brave and intelligent, only if your body matches the male anatomy. And, god forbid, if you are blessed with a female anatomy, you are not human and you do not have any right to decide who and what you want to be.

Society is a confusing concept, it discriminates you, treats you badly and forces you to abide by its rules and regulations. Being a woman means facing these society issues to an extreme extent.

They might worship you and place you next to god, but this is done to ensure that the good luck remains in their court, forever.

They will kill you and your daughter because you never gave birth to a son.

They will rape you just because your clothes have a telepathic connection with their brains and the clothes can “ask for it”

They will pass derogatory comments if you ever reach a position higher than the men because the concept of having a vagina and brain, together,  is difficult for their thick skulls to process.

They will splash acid over you just because you dared not to reciprocate their one sided love and it’s a sin according to their beliefs.

They will pay you less than your male coworker on the same position as yours because as a woman, the sole purpose of your life is to boost their male ego and earning more than a woman works wonder.

They will create an uproar if you breastfeed you baby in public because breasts are good as long as they fulfil the purpose of satisfying male needs and a crying baby can wait till the mother goes back to home.

Oh! And do not dare to raise these issues because they will defend with every cell present their body saying  “These are not even real ISSUES!”

The society’s brain works in a sick manner where they will treat you as goddess and garbage, at the same time.

Each gender is equal and holds the same level of importance in the society. They share the journey of life and function together. If everyone is walking on the same road, why not make it comfortable for everyone.

Shared Journeys

She – Volume 8 : Locked Up In A Tower

Tower_specscladeyesShe was locked up in a tower,
detached from the world outside.

Everyone prayed to the heaven above,
asking for her Knight to come.

They assured her, asked her to be hopeful,
and she just simply smiled.

Little did they know,
she was not waiting for her Knight to come!

Little did they know,
she was a hero in making.

The best of the heroes comes from within,
she was busy being her own hero!



She – Volume 7 : Flawsome

She is cheerful,
She is bubbly,
She is crazy,
Outside the door.

She spreads happiness,
She spreads hope,
She spreads positivity,
Outside the door.

She is flawless,
She is peaceful,
Outside the door.

You think, you know her?
You think, you unraveled the mystery?
But, you only know her from outside the door!

She rarely opens that tight shut door.
She rarely allows you to peek into that door.
She rarely unbolts the door of her soul!

Just be patient,
Just wait, for that rare moment.

She might be waiting for you to stay,
She might be waiting for you to flee away,
She might be opening that door wide,
Slowly, by an inch,
With the passing time.

She has fears,
She has flaws,
She has uncertain moments,

She is 180 degrees away from the image she projects,
She has seen failures,
She has witnessed heartbreaks,
She is depressed, sometimes.

She feels broken,
She feels empty,
She lives a contrasting life.

All that you can see,
Only if!
She opens that door WIDE.

She is alive and dead,
She is happy and depressed,
She is positive and hopeless,

The Story Behind a Door

She – Volume 6 : The Origin Story Of A Strong Woman

It has always been a matter of fascination to know about, how our superheroes originated, what made them special  and what was the reason they chose to follow the path, which led them to who they are today?

We have many superheroes around us!
Some are in the form of comics,
Some are in the form of biographies,
Some are in the form of movies,
Some are in the form of poems,
Some are yet to be commemorated!

One such superhero clan is WOMEN.

Each member of this extraordinary clan is a superhero with same name but unique superpowers!
All of them are referred to as STRONG WOMAN.

Their superpowers are helpful in all the spheres of life. This Strong Woman is the busiest superhero ever, she is someone who will be called for help, every time!

She feeds you,
She teaches you,
She looks after you,
She gives you the greatest gift, LIFE,
She leads you,
She loves you,
She supports you,
She believes in you,
She is capable of doing the unimaginable!

Her list of superpowers is never ending and yet she never brags. She will be helping everyone silently, without asking for anything in return!

Like any other superhero, her origin story is full of twist and turns. She has suffered a lot before becoming who she is today!

The story goes like this…….

In a land, far, far away, there lived a girl who always wanted to make her parents feel proud of her. She was the definition of ideal daughter, ideal sister and ideal wife. Whenever she took a step forward,she looked back, seeking assurance!

Every story has a villain, this story is no exception. The villain was known as the SOCIETY, everybody feared him. Everybody followed the rules given by him and if anybody failed to stick to them, the villain punished them in the harshest possible way.

He boycotted them, publicly shamed them and their family and even pushed them to the depression chamber.

As the little girl grew up to a beautiful woman, he started ill treating her. So many expectations, rules and regulations that she could barely breathe. It was then, the realization dawned upon her, the SOCIETY was always causing her troubles, since childhood. It hid behind her loved once and got the work done.

This infuriated her and she made a plan of seeking revenge.

She tried and failed,
Faced the consequences but they were not enough to make her stop.
She kept trying and finally she defeated the SOCIETY.

Now she did not look back for assurance,
She stopped following the practices which she was “supposed” to do,
She started working on her own dreams,
She made her own identity and never gave anyone the remote control of her life.

She started living on her own terms and was accountable to her own self.

This is how she became a STRONG WOMAN.

Origin Story
Have any superhero story, feel free to share it with me, I love to read your comments 🙂

She – Volume 5 : Adventures Of Her Soul

They said, “Wear pink”.
She obliged.

They said, “Don’t eat chocolate”.
She obliged.

They said, “Don’t sit like that”.
She obliged.

They said, “Don’t talk like that”.
She obliged.

They said, “Don’t talk to strangers”.
She obliged.

They said, “Give up on your dreams”.
She nodded.

They said,”Behave like a lady!”
She tried.

They said,”A man is always right”.
She disagreed.

They said,”Don’t try to act smart and follow the society norms”.
She backfired!!

Her socially “tamed” soul of a proper girl finally found its rebellious streak. She wanted to be a perfect daughter, a perfect sister and a perfect wife. The more she tried, more they started expecting.

Between living up to the perfect tag and carrying the burden of expectations, she lost her identity. She lost her perfect soul. No matter how much she tried, no matter what all she gave up on, she never became a “proper” lady, they wanted her to.

Sometimes, it was the height,
Sometimes, it was her weight,
sometimes, it was the complexion,
Sometimes, because she dared to look into their eyes,
Sometimes, because she dared to speak her mind out,
Sometimes, because she did not match their criteria of being perfect.

The slowly simmering patience finally reached the boiling point and she exploded. The shell of socially perfect girl was blown-off and she became alive!

They made snide remarks and called her rebellious.

What they called rebellious was adventure of her soul, once in a lifetime kind of adventure.

She wore whatever she wanted to,
She ate chocolate even if it made her fat!
She talked to anyone and anything she felt like,
She started working on her dreams,
She sat the way she wanted to,
She walked the way she wanted to,
She knew nobody can be always right,
She only listened to her brain!
She only followed her heart.

Her once in a lifetime adventure paid off!
She felt whole,
She became her perfect version!

She no longer cared about what people expected her to do. In her heart she knew, the only happiness important to her was her own happiness.

Now she wore a permanent expression of pure joy on her face.
The adventure shaped her into a soul she has always dreamed of.

She was satisfied that she followed her heart and never stopped believing in her dreams!