Treat My Heart Like It’s Brand New

Treat my heart like it’s new,
But from a vintage store near you.

A heart which has its own cuts and tears
But has its own charm, too.

A heart which once belonged to someone,
But now beats with the rhythm of you.

A heart which once fell apart
But gathered itself to be as good as new!
For someone, who is different.
For someone, who is you!

Thank you for reading.

Photo by Jeremy Wong


The Dilemma Called Love

I’m in love with two people at once,
one I thought you would be,
one I hope you will be.
But not who you
are now!

Photo by Felix Russell-Saw







The Melody Of Life

The melody of life_specscladeyes

Every scar is a medal on its own.
Every wound is a trophy on its own.
To celebrate the journey we have been through.
To salute the growth which followed.

Yes, I am more beautiful than ever!
Yes, I am stronger than ever!
I remember every step I took.
I remember all the hardships which accompanied.

I gained the things I never dreamt of.
I lost some I never wanted to let go.
You cannot see the journey I had.
You cannot feel the emotions which I felt.

For every traveler, a journey of his own.
For everyone, a discovery of his own.



Brain Vs Heart

“Crisis”, said the heart, meekly.

“Challenge”, said the brain, confidently.

It is all about the way we see things. Our approach in tackling the situations makes all the difference. Everyone goes through a bad phase but the attitude decides the duration of mishappenings.

A positive attitude and the faith to conquer everything is all, that takes to change the crisis to a challenge.

So, go ahead, face your fears and vanquish them.

Afterall, you are the one, who is BRAVE!




As The Crowd Applauded

She was asked to speak in front of five hundred people. Those 500 pair of eyes, looking expectantly at her were enough to send her back to the farthest corner of her room, locked away from the world.

Yet, she pushed the negative thoughts away and proceeded.

A hall full of concentrating eyes, taking in every single word she spoke, brought her confidence back, slowly.

She spoke some more.

The ten minutes long rounds of applause and standing ovations were the reason behind her smile which was creeping its way out, slowly.

As the crowd applauded, the thoughts of locking herself up, away from everyone, started vanishing, SLOWLY!


Guide To A Solo Day-Out

Take a day out of your normal routine, put on your Carefree slippers and start moving.
Go visit a place you have always wanted to. Create your own magical story.

Be completely attentive to yourself, pamper the hell out of yourself and don’t think about “what if”, just go with the flow.

It’s your day, you deserve every bit of it.
Go visit an amusement park, enjoy every single ride, don’t hold yourself back from having fun.

Treat yourself with a spa routine, cheat on your diet, once in a while doesn’t hurt.  Dance like no one is watching, move out of the comfort zone and shine on!

Discover yourself and fall in love with yourself, all over again.



Do you know what is magic?

Soft ripples of water is magic,
Soothing wind flowing over the water is magic,
Breeze caressing trees with love is magic,
Sky in the backdrop is magic,
Playful mischiefs of kids playing around is magic,
Young love walking hand in hand is magic,
Crinkled yet playful eyes, looking at her love is magic,
Flowers kissing the passing wind is magic,
Chasing butterflies is magic,
Roars of laughter is magic,
The perfect symphony in which they exist is magic,
Ability to experience this, is MAGIC!

Magic is not only related with larger than life experiences and unimaginable things. It is present everywhere, you just have to look for it!



I crave for a place where everyone lives life on their own terms.
A place where the fear of being judged is non-existent.
A place where you can be who YOU are.
A place where peace prevails.
A place where there is no hatred.
A beautiful place where there is no war!
A place where we can LIVE life,
Rather than spending life.


Millions of secrets, millions of lies,
everything is well kept, hidden from the world outside.
These doors hold waves of passion
and proofs of fights, against depression.
Locked away, long forgotten,
Waiting for, just the right person.

Carry On

Sometimes you have to fake it and carry on.
Sometimes you have to throw the sad thoughts away and carry on.
Sometimes you have to be strong and carry on.

Sometimes you have to make choices and carry on.
Sometimes you have to ignore what others say and carry on.
Sometimes you have to stop expecting and carry on.

Sometimes you have to clear your head and carry on.
Sometimes you have to let go the most precious thing and carry on.
Sometimes you have to say NO and carry on.

Sometimes you have to get your heart broken and carry on.
Sometimes you have to shake the negativity away and carry on.
Sometimes you have to be crazy and carry on.

Sometimes you have to carry on just because you have to!

This is my compilation of when should you carry on. People might have different carry-on situations, but for me, these were the ones . Nothing is permanent, no feeling is going to stay with you forever.

So, just go with the flow, or against the flow, but carry on. Keep moving, never stop!