Hello, everyone!

I have been nominated by the wonderful Divi Squiggles for two very amazing awards! I want to thank you for thinking about me as a worthy person for these nominations.



TheCramm award was created by Liv, the owner of theCramm.


  • Include a little bit about who created this award (with a link) and mention the person the who nominated you.
  • Share 3 things that motivate you to blog and share 3 people that motivate you to blog as well
  • Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world
  • Answer your challenge question
  • Nominate your choice of bloggers and give them a challenge question.

Three things that motivate me:

  1. Nature: Nature inspires me to think a lot. It is very beautiful how everything coexists. It has shown me a million ways to look for silver linings even when it is very difficult to find one.
  2. My readers: It is amazing how a word or two can make an impact on your thought process. You guys are always so kind and it motivates me to do better and more.
  3. Life stories: Gaining knowledge from life stories of others and sharing it with everyone. Learning about the ways they struggled and won at life is so inspiring.

Three people who motivate me:

  1. My parents
  2.  My friends
  3. My fellow bloggers

One Thing I Hope to do that will improve the World:

I am trying to be better at finding silver linings and sharing the ideas with the world through blogging. This is the sole reason why I write inspiring posts. It is easier to crib about the situation than finding that ray of positivity, so I hope to be a way to find that ray of positivity.

Answering my challenge question: What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Meaning of life is to never stop moving forward just like the way it is supposed to be. There will be setbacks, but that’s normal and it just means that you are doing it perfectly. You fall and then you get up, it is as simple as that. If you keep having faith is yourself, you can achieve everything!

Challenge Question for the nominees:

What is your strategy to stay positive during the tough times?




  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
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  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers

The story of “Specscladeyes”

I have been writing for a really long time but I never considered the idea of starting a blog. Initially, I wrote a few pieces on other social platforms and got an amazing response. A little over a year ago, my little brother pushed me to start blogging and I am really thankful that I took his words seriously. Since then, I have not looked back. I always have so many thoughts and Specscladeyes has become a way to channelize those thoughts.

Advice to new bloggers.

I am going to pass on the most important advice that I have got from my fellow bloggers. It is to be yourself! Write the things that you actually believe in. Because if it is not coming from your heart, it will not go to the heart of the readers. Never be afraid of voicing out your opinions, no matter how different they are from others. And never stop having fun!

Nominations for both awards:

Thank you for reading 🙂





5 Things I Wish I knew Before Starting 2016

Since the year 2016 is almost over, I think it is the perfect time for me to point out a couple of things which I wish, I knew before starting 2o16.


People are going to judge you

Irrespective of what you do and what you do not, people are going to have a say in it. They will crawl into your head and force their thoughts. At the end, how you handle the situation matters the most.

Internet is a stupid place

If you shared a cute picture or a deep thought evoking quote, there will be a certain someone sitting on the other end, taking a dig at you. They suffer from self-esteem issues and you should not let their mental conditions bother you.

You cannot make everyone happy

This is the most important lesson I learnt this year. The only person whose happiness should matter to you is YOU. Even if you try to be good to everyone, something is bound to go wrong with someone, making them unhappy in the process. So, live your moments and ONLY works towards making them count.

People will not be in your life forever

No matter how loving a person is, no matter how good your bonding is, there will be a time when differences will occur. Some differences are too big to repair and peace of mind is too important than a broken relationship. Sometimes you have to let go a person you love for the sake of both of you.

Body image is not everything

I have spoken a lot about being beautiful from inside. Outer beauty or physical appearance is not going to do any good if you are toxic from inside. I have met a good bunch of toxic people, so no matter how much makeup they apply or how amazingly they dress up, they are beautiful. Flaws should be appreciated, worn as a medal. Nobody cares how good you look, which brand clothes you wear, are you skinny or fat, as long as you are a good person. Being beautiful inside-out matters the most.

These are the major points I am going to keep in mind during the coming year. Is there anything that I have missed?

The Interference Game

Dear  “I-love-interfering-in-other’s-life”

Hope you are doing good. Oh! before I start, let me just feed you with the information you have been dying to get.

My cat just started learning french, my dog finally has a beautiful set of horns, I am thinking about adopting a dinosaur, a few days ago I visited my friends on Mars and the neighbour’s son you have been gossiping about, he has some intergalactic mafia connections!

Did you know that my diary has feelings of its own!? Yes, my diary was upset because it does not have its own diary to share feelings with. The friend of yours, the one you always brag about, she hates minions! Hold on, my unicorn needs petting.

Yeah so, I hope these juicy bits will be enough for you to survive for some days. Now that you are on a gossip induced rush, Let’s talk!!

Do you remember when your friend’s sister blocked you? You were terribly upset because of her, such a stupid girl who has no respect for anybody’s feelings. Please forgive the poor girl who thought it would be the best way to protect her privacy from the person who is not even directly related to her.

You were furious because I did not include you in my weekend plans. Worse, I never even informed you about the latest happenings in my life. I committed a sin, please pardon me for having a life beyond the range of your personal BBC satellite.

Your neighbour is not as friendly as she was earlier. The mannerless, silly woman is so weird that she never tells you about her pee schedule. On top of that, she never told you what they had for dinner or what is the colour of her son’s underwear!

Ughhh! Everyone is mad and hurtful at the same time! So, instead of holding grudges, why don’t you be the bigger person and forgive them.

Forgive them for being intelligent enough to successfully block you out of their lives.
Forgive them for being offended by you poking nose in their private matters.
Forgive them for telling you to mind your own business.

On behalf of everyone who made you mad, I apologise for asking you to stay away from our lives and Get A LIFE!!

The Thoughts On Thoughts

Our mind is a genius which continually weaves long chains of thoughts, they have the tendency to give an individual a world tour in the blink of an eye.

Some thoughts are celebrated loudly and some are kept hidden inside the folds of our mind.

Sometimes, the thoughts kept in mind are the most celebrated ones. They can be the reason to keep you smiling all day and having that warm and fuzzy feeling as you are the only one who KNOWS them!

Thoughts are like those never ending series of optimism which are  full of depth and vibrancy.

Let’s hold on to the chain, move around, explore and enjoy.


Hie all!
Today I want to share my imaginative perspective with you.
This is how I look at the clouds and the sun.

Consider this…

Clouds are rushing toward the destination they are supposed to reach. On their way to the place, they encounter their biggest and the most ruthless obstacle – the sun.

The clouds have 2 options, one is to return and the other is to face the fear and overcome the hurdles in the path. They opt for facing the enemy and pass by the Sun, bearing all the heat without complaining.

In the end what the clouds feel is a sense of satisfaction as they completed their task, without giving much attention to the hurdles in the path.
This is called Perseverance. ❤

Nature inspires us in the best and the simplest possible way.

What are your views on this *which degree of weird is it?*
please let me know 🙂

Apologies To The People I Failed To Please Today

I would like to begin by saying a simple HELLO! And I am already expecting a tight-lipped smile, with a nod from you. But that’s okay, you have the right to be mad at me. Seriously, I realize that I have committed the greatest sin of not pleasing you today.

So here I am, apologizing for my mistake.

I am really sorry that I did not behave the way you expected me to. I agree, it is weird when things don’t go the way we worked out in our head. But in my defense, you did not provide me with the “Dummy’s Guide to Behave the Way People Expect You To”, so I was one clueless creature roaming around on this planet. Point noted, next time I’ll ask for the confirmation.

I am sorry that I did not smile when you asked me to smile. Smiling is good, it radiates positivity and makes the world a happy place to live in. But again, firstly, you were a random stranger and secondly, I was running behind deadlines and carrying out my daily chores. In all that chaos, I missed your point, completely.

I am sorry, I had a different opinion. I forgot that we are still living in a high school like situation where we have to be in everybody’s good books. I was too busy in presenting my opinion that I almost forgot, I have the responsibility of agreeing with you. I promise to be thoughtful next time.

I am sorry that I did not laugh at the girl who “according to you” made fool of herself in that tacky dress and weird hairstyle. I accept it is my fault that I found her uniquely confident and individualistic. She should have followed the masses! I apologize on her behalf as well.

I am really sorry that I did not let you take credit for my hard work. I am aware of the concept of “sharing is caring” but pardon me for going by the logical approach of, no share in the workload equals no share in the credit. It’s unfortunate that I have the tendency of being highly logical.

Lastly, sorry but NOT sorry for being who I am.


That Evening

The evening when you realized what you exactly want, when you made peace with yourself, when you accepted your flaws, when you fully discovered who you are.
When you were finally feeling free, happy and full of energy.
When you appreciated the sunset, admired its hue.
That moment when you looked above and smiled exactly the way you meant it.
Cheers to that evening, cheers to you ❤

The Light Is Waiting

Walking through a dark path is scary
Even for the brave hearts, it gets scary at a point of time,
Whether they agree or not.

You start losing your mind, negative thoughts invade the precious space of your smart mind and you start working on fight or flight scenario.

But keep this in mind, you are awesome and keeping up with the title requires some hard work. Go for the fight my dear, face your troubles. Smile at them and kiss them goodbye. The universe has a special set of plans made for everyone and your capability is beyond your imagination.

Universe plans on making you a stronger one, only if you cooperate. Your plate will never be more that what you can take care of. Be patient with yourself and have faith in you, you are the only one, who can do it.

Deep breathe, focus on and move forward.

You have covered a long way and the finish line is visible, yes, I can see it. Few more steady steps and BAM!! there you are. There you are, with smiling eyes and shining face, praising yourself.

Just a few steps my dear,
The light is waiting for you to shine.



Is this the end??
She asked in a concluding tone.

Maintaining the poker face, he replied,
Our paths will cross again, someday
With a flicker of underlying emotions,
We will nod and move on
Putting on the facade,again!

Shaking hands, wishing luck,
They parted.
Until they meet


Empty pockets,
Battered soul,
Broken dreams,
But hope still INTACT.