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If We Were Having Coffee Right Now

If we were having coffee right now,
I would tell you how I scroll through my Instagram feed,
Looking at the glorious transformation stories.
Feeling elated for those who completed their goals.
Trying to gain some inspiration from their success stories.
Trying their formula thinking if it worked for them, it will work for me, too.

If we were having coffee right now,
I would tell you that there are plenty of other thoughts crawling up my thinking space.
Thoughts like being envious of their journey.
A journey which they completed,
A journey I might never complete.
Thoughts like feeling a lot of pressure due to their success stories.

If we were having coffee right now,
I would tell you how the stories which were supposed to motivate me.
The stories which make me want to rush without exhausting myself.
The stories which eventually suffocate me.
Thoughts like comparing myself with others even though I know it’s not healthy.

If we were having coffee right now,
I would tell you how I stop the scrolling for a day ( a few minutes to be honest)
and then I fall into the same pattern, again.
It’s a vicious cycle.


Disclaimer first!
No hate to anyone who posts their body transformation stories, I am just expressing my state of mind. It’s weird but as a human, it is normal to interpret the wrong meanings. I feel pressure but there are plenty who get inspired. So it’s just me, I am not posting this to offend anyone! What you have achieved is very beautiful and I am very excited for you.

Everyday Inspiration: Day 11
“A cup of coffee”

By Specscladeyes

Specscladeyes is a blogger and photographer. She firmly believes in equality and love for all. She likes to talk, a lot!

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If we were having coffee right now, we would be sitting at an outdoor cafe in Vienna having some dessert with our coffee while we people watch and I tell you some amazing things about the cathedral. 🙂

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